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What is the best style for everyone?

If you’re going to wear a long hairstyle, it’s probably best to wear it to the beach.It makes for a better selfie than a shorter one, and it adds a certain kind of style to your outfit.But what if you want a shorter hairstyle?Here are our top five best hairstyles

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Irish footballer ‘pushed out of club’ by racist graffiti

The Irish footballer who has played for FC Mayo has been forced to resign from the club after being targeted with racist graffiti in the city centre.Read more:RTE’s Fergus O’Sullivan reports on the shocking incident in Dublin where a racist graffiti was spray painted on the walls of a building

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How to wear a wig and make your eyebrows look shorter

It is no secret that hair loss can make it hard to have fun.We want to make sure we look good when we do wear our hair down, but that can sometimes mean trying new styles that aren’t always comfortable or look a little strange to some people.Here are a

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What are the best hair products for women?

The best hair-care products are often based on ingredients that have been scientifically tested and proven to work and provide the benefits women have come to expect.The hair products you buy may also come with claims of the products’ “natural” or “natural-tasting” characteristics.It is important to note that some of

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Why is a unicorn hair cut so bad?

A unicorn hairstyle has been trending on social media since it was first introduced by comedian Louis CK in the 90s.It is designed to resemble the hair of a black orchid and features a “shark mouth” hairstyle.It’s been used by black women for centuries to accentuate their feminine features.Unicorn hair

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Why do we have to wear ponytails?

By RICHARD SCHREIBERThe world’s most famous hairstyle has been getting a facelift in recent years as a new wave of trendy styles and trends have helped popularize the hairstyle.In recent years, the ponytail has become a popular trend in pop culture.People can buy ponytails in the style online or at

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Afrikaans short straight hair: How to look great

The short hair is a hairstyle often worn by young women in South Africa and is often considered one of the best hairstyles in the world.Afrikaan hairstyles are also popular in other African countries.But what do they look like?Here are some tips on how to style your afrikaans hairstyle: Afrikaas

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What’s the latest hairstyle trend?

Pin up hairstyle is a fashion trend which has caught on in the US and Europe.The trend is mainly seen in hip hop artists such as Nas, Big Sean, Future, Drake and Lil Wayne, who are all known for their short, flowing locks.A look at the latest trends from around

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