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What’s The 50s? What’s Your Favorite?

The classic 50s hairstyle has been around since the mid-60s, but was only introduced in 1959.While some of the most popular styles include a full-front bun, an undercut and a straight-to-the-root, some styles also come with a wide, side parting.The hairstyle itself is known for its natural hair and bright

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How to get the most out of barbie hairstyle in 80s

A black toddler hairstyle that has gained a reputation for being difficult to pull off has gone viral online, prompting many people to ask how to get it done.The popular hairstyle has been described as “silly”, “inappropriate” and “boring” in a Reddit thread on Saturday.A poster wrote that he was

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Why are there so many male hairstyle styles?

Black men have a long history of wearing distinctive hairstyles.They are often referred to as “black men” by the general public, but they have been in fashion for thousands of years. Many men have long hair that falls in front of their head, which makes them seem “black” to women, but

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90s hair styles: What are the best and worst 90s hairstyle trends?

The 90s haircuts were a trend in America that took hold in the US in the early 90s, and they’ve been a mainstay in the UK ever since.Here are some of the most notable haircuts.What are some trends you’ve noticed?The 90’s hairstyle trend started in Australia, with many people going

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How you can style your hair at home

Get ready to take your hair style to the next level by learning how to style your own hair with a DIY toolkit and an extensive library of styles.1.Get the toolsYou can learn to style a hair style at home with this collection of tools.If you’ve never styled your hair

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How to Get A Cornrow Haircut in Japan

Japanese men and women have been wearing their hair longer than ever before, with the average person now sporting a thick black mustache and beard.We’ve got the latest hairstyles to make you look great and keep your hair style cool.Read more about hairstyles here.In recent years, a number of hairstyles

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How to make a ponytail hairstyle that looks like a man

The ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles among men in the US. But there are many ways to get that hairstyle, from the traditional to the weird.I have a few tips on how to create your own ponytail style.Here are some basic instructions for getting your own style.1.Make a

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