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The luxury haircare brand - Kerastase is a part of the L'Oreal group. Kerastase hair products has been created and developed since 1964, usingadvanced formulas. Launched in France, Kerastase brand expanded first in Europe, then worldwide. Kerastase hair products are distributed only to high end hair salons and is one of the market professional haircare leaders. Kerastase hair care products are dedicated to restore and enhance the hair's natural beauty and offers a complete hair care product line that treats and heals the hair and the scalp. Kerastase hair products are classic, modern, luxurious. The use of Kerastase hair products will make you feel relax, calm and will give you the dreamed hair.
Product Ranges

Kerastase biotic line keeps the scalp healthy and reactivates it to maintain beautiful and healthy hair. Kerastase creates Biotic hair products line with Bioflorine. This probiotic works to refresh, rebalance and stimulate the natural defenses of the scalp. The Kerastase Biotic range leaves the hair soft and healthier looking, prevents the occurring of scalp irritations.
Calms inflamed, itchy scalps
Soothes dry scalp and hair
Revitalises and hydrates

Kerastase Dermo-calm has been created for sensitive, stressed scalps. These Kerastase hair products moisturize, soothe and purify the scalp from all the external aggressions. Dermo-calm will free your scalp and hair from the stress.

Kerastase Noctogenist is a total overnight hair care and treatment, a source of the beauty at night. The eight hours of intense hair care reveals the beauty of your hair.
The humidity, the sun and the city living are damaging to the hair's health and can cause hair to lose moisture that is essential. Kerastase Noctogenist nourishes hair deeply throughout the night and when you wake up your hair will be revived and in optimal condition.
All night long nourishes hair
Moisturizes and replenishes throughout the night
Leaves the hair radiant and replenished

Kerastase Specifique hair products have been designed to resolve scalp concerns.
A fantastic collection of high targeted solutions that balance the scalp. With ngredients that are itechnologically advanced, your scalp and hair will be naturally beautiful and clean. Your scalp may be a subject to permanent or temporary failures. Kerastase Specific repairs these imbalances. The result is a healthy hair and scalp with the pleasure of hair caring.
These are the four Kerastase Specifique solutions for scalp and hair concerns:
Over-active, prone to oiliness scalp
Prone to dandruff, oily scalp
Prone to dandruff, dehydrated scalp
Hairloss prevention
Stressed or sensitive scalps

Kerastase Nutritive line is suitable for normal to very dry, sensitised hair. These Kerastase hair products offer a complete collection for nourishing varying degrees of sensitised and dry hair. The nourished intensely hair is silky, soft and shiny. The three Nutritive sub lines:
Core Nutritive
The instant nourishment for dry and sensitised hairand scalp
Smoothing anti-frizz for rebellious, dry hair
For dry, curly hair - hydra-definition

Kerastase Reflection for color-treated, sensitised hair
A complete collection that maintains the colour brilliance for longer and protects the sensitised hair. With the Patented Fibronic Technology it leaves hair vibrant, smooth and shiny.
Reflection 1
For slightly sensitised, fine, coloured hair
Reflection 2
For sensitised, to very sensitised, thick, coloured hair

Kerastase Soleil is designed for exposed to sunlight, chlorinated water and salt hair. Protects and repairs. A complete protection and repairment programme for exposed to sun, salt and chlorinated water coloured hair. The unique advanced formulations and refreshing textures ensure soft hair, colour remains long-lasting, radian, supple and shiny.

Kerastase Resistance hair products are for weakened, damaged, fine hair. A wonderful complete collection that strengthens from within the weakened hair. Hair regains vitality, strength and body. Resistance rebuilts the weakened hair, to restore the strength and solidity. Inner strength, found on the outside - regenerated hair's health.
The Resistance line:
Core Resistance
For weakened hair - naturally or chemically
For fly-away, fine hair
Age Recharge
Replenishes the losing vitality hair

Kerastase Nutrients is a range of dietary supplements

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Kerastase hair products
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