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How to wear your favorite cute and simple hairstyle

The cute and easy hairstyles that can really go unnoticed can be downright adorable and stylish.The style that seems to make the most sense is the simple haircut, where a straight back is shaved, and an unkempt ponytail is held in place by a loose bow.There’s also a little bit

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How to get rid of your mohawk and bangles

The mohawks and bangls are now a thing of the past.We have had enough of them.We don’t need any more.But, the long and short of it is that we do need to stop using the mohawked as a sign of mourning.There are plenty of people out there who have worn

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Hairstyles that go to the top of your list

A few days ago, I was browsing through the latest fashion trends and stumbled upon a beautiful new hairstyle.The hairstyle was called The Rooftop Hair Cut.It was available at The Beauty Box and was available to purchase on the Beauty Box website for $20.You can see a screenshot of the

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How to dress for graduation: The easy way

Here are some simple ways to get dressed to get your hair done at graduation.1.Put on a suit to suit your style2.Find a hairstyle that fits your look3.Make a pair of stylish socks4.Dress up your hair with a tie5.Find out how to make a hairstylist look professional1.Make sure your hair

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Which men’s haircuts will you be rocking in 2019?

Women’s haircare is an incredibly diverse field and it’s been changing constantly.It’s one of the hottest trends in fashion right now, with the likes of Bobbi Brown, Anna Wintour and Stella McCartney all making bold changes to their hairstyles to make them more stylish.The trend of men’s hair changes is

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Why men’s haircuts may be going the way of the dodo

Men’s haircures may be heading for extinction.Men’s haircare is an integral part of men’s lifestyle.There are millions of men who don’t have the time or the inclination to brush their teeth and that can be a huge blow to the men’s grooming industry.As the number of men choosing to cut

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Which is your favourite anime hairstyle? – Anime Haircuts

Anime hairstyle women and anime hairstyles men were voted by over 10,000 people, who were asked which hairstyle they liked best.Anime hairstylist Michelle Hui had the top vote, and her blonde hair has been dubbed the ‘Golden Hair’.Hui is best known for her anime hair, which she’s now producing for

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