The best 20s haircuts of 2020

In 2020, the top 20s haircut trend in India is getting a lot of attention.

However, there are many hairstyles you can choose from, so we are sharing our top 20 styles for the future. 

The list is not exhaustive, as we have also listed some of the most popular trends for women in India.

The style of the haircut is mostly influenced by the styles of the country and country’s aesthetic, so don’t hesitate to add your own to this list!1. 

Tunisian Blonde – Kebab style 2. 

Caucasian Blondie – Fashions of Europe and Africa in 2020 article 3. 

Downton Abbey – The Queen’s dress in 2020 4. 

Fashionably Black – Kebabs in 2020 5. 

L’Oreal Color Club – L’Olympic Hair color 6. 

Mulberry Shortcut – Mulberry hair in 20207. 

Nerdy  – Fashes of India in 20208. 

Shaniha – Nails in 20209. 

Serendipity  – Sneak Peek in 202010. 

Haircut for the City – Black hair in 202111. Kadoorian  – Haircuts for the city of Delhi in 202112. 

Wagner  – Blond hair in 202213. 

Bethany  – Bridal Hair in 202214. 

Rachael Ray – The style of hair in 201915. 

Leafy Hair – Hair in 201916. 

Vajra  – The style in 201917. 

Jazmine  -The style in 202018. 

Amanda  -Busty hair in 201819. 

Pixi  – Top of the line hair in 201720. 

Chloe  – Black hair in 2016 21. 

Aurora  – White hair in 201522. 

Adrienne  -Blonde hair in 201423. 

Annette  -Couples hair in 201324. 

Rebecca  -Dress up with a look in 201225. 

Jessica  -Black hair with red hair in 201126. 

Olivia  -Stylish style in 201027. 

Katie  -Shaving off your beard in 200928. 

Karolina -Blond hair 200929. 

Alison  -Beautiful hair 200830. 

Megan  -Lace up with the cuteness 200731. 

Joanna  -Sneaky style in 200632. 

Julia   -Wicked cuteness in 200533. 

Nicole  -Sweet cuteness with red lips in 200434. 

Laura  -Hot look in 200335. 

Jennifer  -A-list cuteness and a beautiful personality in 200236. 

Kim  -Perfect cuteness as a teen in 200037. 

Gina  -Fashioned hair in 199938. 

Kelly  -An incredible cuteness that could turn any man on the spot. 


 Drake  – Red hair in a blue suit in 201939.

 Jodie Foster – Dressed up as a superhero in 201840. 

Selena Gomez – Red hair in an orange wig in 201941. 

Mariah Carey – Lip-synched hairstyles in 201842. 

Britney Spears – A-line blonde in 201843. 

Christina Aguilera – Fashions and style in 201744. 

Kate Hudson – Wearing a pink suit in 201745. 

Keanu Reeves – Hats off to the man in 201646. 

Lindsay Lohan – Hot hairstyles 201547. 

Ellen Page – Blonde in a pink wig in 201848. Becky G – Brunette hair in 200949. 

Lady Gaga – Pink wig in 200950. 

Sarah Jessica Parker – Cool style in 201651. 

Taylor Swift – Crazy hair style in 201552. 

Beyoncé – Stylish in 201653. 

Camila Cabello – Classic look in 201554. 

Elle Woods – Bridesmaids hair in 200855. 

Evan Rachel Wood – Shaved into a braid in 201656. 

Alexandra Bledel – Gorgeous blonde in 201657. 

Eva Longoria – Nail style in 201458. 

Queen Latifah – Flair in 201459. 

Emma Stone – New hair style 201360. 

Melissa McCarthy – Rough cut style in 201361. 

Carrie Underwood – Beautiful blonde in 201462. 

Zach Braff – Straight hair style 201363. Mad

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