Which black men are on Twitter?

It’s not all about black men.

A growing number of young women have begun posting pictures of their black hair to social media, which is fueling a growing trend in the social networking app.

“I want to be known for my hair, and I don’t want to have to be called a drag queen or something,” said 18-year-old Kendall Jones, who identifies as black.

“I don’t care what people think of me.

I don’ know how to be a queen.”

While some young women are posting photos of their hair in public to draw attention to their blackness, others are doing it to promote their personal style, which can sometimes seem like a struggle for young black women to navigate.

The trend of “Black Hair Day” has taken off on Twitter.

This month, Black Lives Matter activists have posted hashtags on Instagram for people to tweet about their own black hair.

The hashtag is an homage to the black civil rights movement that started in the 1960s, but has since evolved into a more diverse movement that includes many of the same women.

Black women who choose to post photos of black hair are encouraged to share them on social media because they are being viewed by millions of people.

They also have a social media presence that allows them to reach out to the wider black community and promote themselves as the “other.”

“The hashtag #blackhairday is a very positive thing for young women who are being marginalized by the mainstream, because they can show support for a black woman in a really positive way,” said Sarah Brown, who runs the Black Women’s Project at the University of Chicago.

She says many black women feel they are still “not seen or seen as black enough,” even though they are the majority of the population.

The Black Women in Blackness program at the Urban Institute, which has worked to help black women with their hair issues, recently created a “Black Beauty” contest to help young women identify their black beauty.

“When they get into that black beauty world, they are seeing a lot of black women,” said Brown.

“That’s when they see a lot more support from black women and they start to see their hair and body hair being seen as the norm.”

In an attempt to promote the #blackgirlbeauty trend, Black Beauty, a popular social media campaign, recently launched a campaign to promote its followers on Instagram.

In a post that included an Instagram photo of black woman Grace Carter, the account shared a story from a young girl in the U.S. called Sarah.

Sarah’s story was one of many shared by the campaign.

“She came out to me, to me being a black girl, and said, ‘I’ve been looking for black beauty, but I’m not seeing it,'” said Sarah.

Sarah said the hashtags #blackbeautyday and #blackgirlshairday were a way for her to “show support” for her daughter.

“It was really inspiring for me, it was really amazing for me and I was really happy for my daughter,” she said.

Sarah, who has a two-year old son and works as a financial planner, says she is proud of her daughter and has found ways to “keep her inspired.”

Sarah said that she wants to encourage other black women who want to share their black roots to share the hashtag.

“If you are not seeing that black hair, you can share your hair with other black girls.

And when other girls see it, they can say, ‘Hey, I got my hair done by a black lady,'” she said, adding that other hashtags are also being created to “help educate black women.”

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