‘F*** you, America’ for Trump’s ‘racist’ tweets: Salon

On Wednesday, The American Conservatives called for a boycott of all products from the brand of hair dye and nail polish products called Make Up For Ever, because of the president’s “racist” tweets.

The brand is a product of the Trump family, and it is not an American company.

“We cannot support the President of the United States of America, who is responsible for the rise of the alt-right and has made it clear that he is not a racist, even as he continues to demonize the very people who he says he wants to help,” the group said in a statement.

The group also called on Trump to stop using the phrase “pussy grabber” on Twitter.

“Donald Trump is not only a racist and misogynist, he is a bully,” the statement continued.

“His statements and actions on Twitter have made him a bully, and he should be held accountable for his actions.”

Make Up for Ever is owned by the Trump Organization, which is also the namesake of the President’s business empire.

The American Conservatism, an anti-Trump organization, has also called for boycotts of the products.

Make Up Forever, the company’s website says, “has been one of the most influential brands in the fashion industry for over 40 years.

It is a proud supporter of President Trump, who has championed the brand and created a lasting legacy for his family.”

The group says it has been “fiercely committed to supporting the Make Up Foundation, the Makeup Institute, and the Make-Up for America Foundation.”

Make-upForEver products have become a favorite of the far-right in recent years.

The company’s products have featured a wide range of skin tones and colors, including skin tones ranging from fair to olive, and hair styles ranging from straight to curly.

Trump, of course, has had a long history of making offensive remarks about women, including saying, “I’d like to see a sex tape of her” and “If a beautiful, beautiful woman gets knocked up by me, I’ll have a big heart, too.”

He has also tweeted offensive jokes about transgender people, including “You can’t be a man, you can’t even be a woman, because you’re just a different sex,” “If you can pee on a woman’s face, you’re a disgusting piece of s***,” and “The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is put a little glue on that vagina.”

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