BOOBAY!! Little girl hairstyle inspired by K-pop video is inspired by BOOBER

A hairstyle that’s become popular among fans of K-Pop has been inspired by the K-Drama’s BOOB.

According to a new post on Instagram by a user called kdrama.s, a hairstyle based on BOOBBY!!

is the creation of a fan.

The hairstyle consists of a large bun with a long, braided bun that is braided around the hairline, then the bun ends in a bun that ends in two bunches.

If you’re not familiar with K-drama, the show is one of the most popular shows in the world and has aired for over three decades.

The show follows two siblings, Kim Joon-eun and Yoo Jae-yong, who live together and go on a mission to find the real BOO-bunny.

The hairstyles have been very popular with fans, and they’re being shared on various social media sites.

K-dramas hairstyle is similar to BOOBLY!!

hairstyle and the hairstyle also features a bun.

When Kim Jook-min posted the Instagram post, she shared that she had made it with the help of her friends.

I think that it’s great that fans can come up with such hairstyles to honor their favorite members.

They look like they could make an appearance in any drama and are not limited to only one type.

A few other members of the Kpop group also have hairstyles inspired by their favorite stars.

Kim Tae-yoon, Park Jin-gyun, and Yoona have all posted pictures of their hair in a similar style to BOB.

While BOOBMY!!

has already been voted number one in the popularity poll, K-Girls have made a comeback with their hairstyles.

Source: Instagram/kdrama

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