How to fix undercuts on your hair

The undercuts are the last, most visible, and most annoying part of our hair.

The way that they look on our heads is absolutely essential to our hair’s look and feel.

They are a major contributing factor to hair loss, and can be a major cause of dryness and frizz.

But what are the best ways to get rid of undercuts?

Here are 10 tips for getting rid of your undercuts and restoring a more youthful, radiant look.


Make sure your undercut isn’t too long and loose The easiest way to get undercuts out is to use a straight razor.

The more you shave, the shorter your undercutting will become.

However, you want to keep your hair soft and natural, which means that your hair doesn’t have to be so long and tight that you can feel it.

That’s the goal here.


Find a hairbrush that cuts your hair in one piece You can buy a straight comb or an over-the-shoulder comb that can cut through hair without clumping it up.

You can also use a hair dryer or a hair stylist to trim your hair before applying styling gel.


Use a straight-edged comb If your hair is very long and straight, you might want to start using a straight edge comb instead.

This will make your hair look thicker, more defined, and more manageable.


Wash your hair with water to remove any excess water You can use shampoo or conditioner to remove excess water and any loose hair.

If you’re using a dry shampoo, rinse it off first and then add water.


Dry shampoo and conditioner on the hair with a towel to remove all excess water Hair care products that contain alcohol are a great way to dry out your hair and make it softer and more hydrated.

But if you’re applying styling products, a hair towel will do the trick.


Shampoo the undercuts to get a soft and shiny finish If your undercheeks and cheeks are really long and full, you can try using a styling spray.

Shimmering water will make the undercheek and cheeks look shiny and refreshed.

If they’re not so long, you may want to just leave them as they are.


Use styling gel or styling spray on the undercut and create a slick and slick finish to the hair If you want a slick, shiny look, apply styling gel and/or styling spray in one go.

You’ll just have to apply the styling gel after your hair has been conditioned for a few minutes.


Apply a styling gel under the undergirding to create a smoother and more streamlined look.

If your skin is dry, apply a hair toner or conditioners under the undercut.

These will help restore a more hydration level.


Apply styling spray to the under cut to give your under cut a slick finish.

If that’s not an option, apply some styling spray under the lower lash line and under the chin to create the effect of a glossy, matte finish.


Apply makeup on your under.

Use concealer to blend into your underwear or overshoes to create an underpant.

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