What’s The 50s? What’s Your Favorite?

The classic 50s hairstyle has been around since the mid-60s, but was only introduced in 1959.

While some of the most popular styles include a full-front bun, an undercut and a straight-to-the-root, some styles also come with a wide, side parting.

The hairstyle itself is known for its natural hair and bright colors, and it’s the style that was created by actress, singer, and hairstylist, Marilyn Monroe.

Some styles have become popular, including the “fanny pack,” the “moustache” and the “short girl.”

Here are some of our favorites.

Short Girl: With a bang, short girls are always popular, but here’s a few classic styles that you might not have heard of.

Short girl haircuts are usually a natural-hair version of the “bun,” with the bangs falling below the neckline.

But you can add a twist to this look with a more dramatic updo, and a little styling can make it look more like a bun.

The classic short girl hairstyle was created in 1959 by actress Marilyn Monroe, who wore a bang to look more glamorous.

It’s one of the more popular styles for women of all ages, and you’ll find it on some of today’s top beauty brands.

It comes in three different styles: the “flat, bob-bob” (left), the “narrow, braid” (right), and the more dramatic “bunch” (middle).

If you’re interested in the hairstyle’s history, here’s what you need to know.

What’s the 50s haircut?

The classic “buns” style of the 1950s had a lot of options for styles.

Some of the popular hairstyles that were created by actresses, singers, and stylists included: the long bob (left) or “navy” bob (right).

This style came with a full, side-parting bang.

There are also some styles for a more modern look.

The “braid” or “bust” (top left) was popular with the women of the 50-something years.

This hairstyle had a bang at the front, and had the side parting as well.

The short girls were usually blonde or light-colored.

This style was popular for women 50 years old and older.

The buns had a fuller, full-length bang, with a side parting that was shorter than the side part.

There was a twist at the bottom.

This type of hairstyle is a little different from the “saggy bun,” which was more of a straight to the root, or “david” bang.

This was a hairstyle for women in their early to mid-40s who preferred their bangs more natural.

The straight-top buns were also popular, with straight sides that came at the top of the bun.

Short girls wore a lot more hair than the buns and more bangs than bangs.

You can find many styles for short girls, but if you’re looking for more, we have some tips on how to style your hair for style.

Hair color is another key factor to look out for when styling your short girl.

A lot of hair is cut into bangs, and this can create some great looking bangs on short girls.

For more, check out our article on how long hair can make you look younger.

Short Girls: What’s your favorite style of short girls?

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