How to make a ponytail hairstyle that looks like a man

The ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles among men in the US. 

But there are many ways to get that hairstyle, from the traditional to the weird.

I have a few tips on how to create your own ponytail style.

Here are some basic instructions for getting your own style.1.

Make a wig: The wig is the most important part of any ponytail.

It should be thin and wide, and be attached with a small piece of string. 

Wigs can also be a bit difficult to get the hang of. 2.

Hair color: You’ll want to choose a color that is flattering and comfortable.

It will make the ponytail look more natural, and it will give you more options when styling your hair.


Hair style: A good hair style is one that you will stick to for the whole length of your ponytail, and that will give the look it deserves.

You should be able to get this style with no effort.


Length: I personally prefer to have a ponytails length around 6 to 8 inches long.

This will give a good flow to your hair, and will give it a great lift when styling.5.

Color: A ponytail should have a combination of dark and light colors.

I would recommend a darker shade of hair for a darker look.


The hairstyle: A great hairstyle will have the most definition, and you’ll be able see all of your roots.


Tips for styling: I have a couple of tips for styling your ponytails.


Don’t overdo it.

This is the main thing you should do when you’re styling your locks.

The longer your ponytas are, the less defined your hair will look.

This can cause your hair to look fluffier.


Be careful with your pony tail.

This may be the only thing you’ll have to do for your pony tails.

I always find it a good idea to wear a hairband for styling my ponytail to prevent hair from sticking to my head.

3, Follow a regular schedule.

You’ll need to keep your ponytailed hair as long as possible.

4, Don’t forget to buy your hair product.


When you’re done, use your hair as a mask for the sun.

For more ponytail tips, check out the   how-to video above.

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